Carbon Robotics

Laserweeder Trailer
Laserweeder Trailer
Carbon Robotics LaserWeeder
max 7m.
Carbon Robotics produces revolutionary AI-powered robotic systems that precisely identify, weed and thin specialty vegetable crops using lasers with millimeter accuracy, while observing the conditions of the crop and soil in a field for later analysis. Its technology reduces the use of herbicides in traditional farming, eliminates unnecessary tilling for regenerative farming, and in many cases eliminates the need for weeding crews of up to 75 people per field per LaserWeeder unit. Carbon Robotics has sophisticated AI/deep learning and over 8 million labeled crop and weed image objects that, in the weeding application, delineate between individual weeds and crops in order to eliminate only the weeds, all in real time, at tractor speeds of 1-2 km/h. These robots are also able to thin crops to maximize crop health and yields per hectare

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